Transition policies and best practices regarding
for single-use beverage containers in Turkey


Esteemed Stakeholder,

As environmental pollution is getting worse each and every day, we are obliged to make a very good assessment of the global developments and work accordingly.

Turkey’s nature and shores are her capital. It is our very responsibility to prevent environmental pollution.

All hotels, businesses at the tourism resorts, public entities and institutions, private sector, ones that launch and market the products, retailers as well as recycling companies should be extremely sensitive about feeling ownership of our country that possesses the most important capital which is TOURISM as well as the HISTORICAL FABRIC thanks to which we host approximately 50 million tourists a year. All these parties should also take part in protecting and conserving our country as well as ensuring that the most significant waste such as “PET BOTTLES, METAL BEVERAGE CANS AND GLASS BOTTLES” are recycled and earned back to the economy as they provide raw materials.

Manufacturing of single-use packaging is already prohibited in the EU and countries are literally competing with one another to collect recyclable packaging with deposit return system practices and that serious work is conducted about it.

In various countries of the world, companies that launch and market the products, retailers and other stakeholders are undertaking significant responsibilities to prevent environmental pollution.

And in Turkey, with the aim to establish a well-designed system that will best suit our planet, our country and the future of our children and with the hope that this system will be in line with our country’s standards with the best NATIONAL infrastructural configuration, we are organizing

Deposit Summit 2019


hosted by TÜÇEM-RELOOP in order to contribute to our country’s economy, to support the raw material requirement of our industry and last but not the least, to protect and conserve our assets “i.e. our Seas, Shores, Lakes, Rivers, Forests, Parks and Greeneries, Neighborhoods, Cities” which are suffering from severe ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION. In brief, we all have serious responsibilities on our shoulders in order to protect our living spaces.

With this feeling of responsibility, our main aim is to achieve “RESOURCE MANAGEMENT” as we dwell with the national infrastructural work of “TÜDİS-Turkey Deposit Return System” which is regarded today to be the most important leg of ZERO WASTE.

We thank all our stakeholders in advance for their support and express our honor to host you at the “DEPOSIT SUMMIT 2019” event of ours.

With best regards,


Aynur ACAR

Environmental Consultant
RELOOP Turkey Representative



Organizational matters:

Conference Venue /Hotel:

BARCELO HOTEL, Taksim, Kocatepe, Abdulhak Hamit Street No: 25, 34437 Beyoglu / Istanbul, Turkey

Airport: Istanbul New Airport

Transfer: You may take the airport shuttle bus HAVAİST from Istanbul New Airport to Taksim and get off in front of the hotel.

Hotel accommodation:

Check-in to the hotel is on October 9, 2019 and check-out on October 11, 2019 with reservation in advance.


This Summit is jointly organized by TÜÇEM-Association of Environmental Training and Waste Management of Turkey and its project partner RELOOP Platform Brussels Europe.

Language of the Conference:

English, with professional simultaneous interpretation.

Important Notice: Speakers are kindly asked to deliver their presentations latest by the end of August 2019 in order to ensure accurate and professional translation.

Note: Final program shall be shared with you.

Contact: Ms.Aynur Acar

It will be an honor to host you at our Summit.

Board of Directors, TÜÇEM – Association of Environmental Training and Waste Management of Turkey